InSite SiteWork - Other Features

InSite SiteWork includes many other useful features, including:

Area, Length and Item count

Calculate curb lengths, count traffic control signs, paving areas, etc.  Any plan of a known scale can be used. 

InSite calulates areas, lengths and item counts

On screen graphics and full reports with export to spreadsheet.

Combine Plans of Different Scale

Paper plans printed at different scales (i.e.. Proposed = 30ft/in Existing 50 ft/in) can be entered easily.

Metric / English

Take-offs can be done in metric (meters) and the reports printed in English (yards) or opposite.


See a visual indication where a chosen stratum or water table is encountered during excavation.  Available in both earthwork and utility take-offs when borings are entered.

Job copying Utility

Copy entire take-offs or portions of take-offs to a take-off for revisions.  You can even copy existing to proposed (great for verifying topo) or proposed to existing (progress of landfills, strip mine reclamation, phase staging, etc.).

Automatic File Saves

InSite SiteWork writes to your hard drive as you work, assuring that data cannot be lost unexpectedly.

Built in Zip backup


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