InSite SiteWork Take Off Types

Work Anywhere!Take-offs from vector PDF and CAD files (DWG, DXF, etc.), image files (PDF, TIF, etc.),  or from data imported from a data collector or any combination assure estimates with the most accuracy and speed possible. 

It's a Totally Portable Solution. PDF and CAD take-off can be done anywhere. Work at the office, at home or out in the field; no digitizer to tie you down.

Save on Plan Fees. No need to print plans for take-off. No chasing plans across town. And no disposal of old plans.

Select Contours on Vector PDFs. No tracing! InSite even selects dashed existing lines! Snap to building corners and curbs for CAD-like accuracy. One user wrote "I am doing existing right now and I would say 10 times is conservative.  Wow!"

Merge Multi-Page PDF's wit ease.Lightning Speed! InSite's Image engine has been optimized for instant pans, roller zooms, and image drags to make your take-off experience faster than ever.

Align Multi-Page Documents into one large take-off. InSite’s Dual Windows makes this a snap.

InSite SiteWork Take Off Types Comparison

Image (PDF, TIF, etc.)

CAD File


Data Collector

Select Lines and Nodes on Vector Files, and trace image files Fastest and most accurate take-off method Paper plan tracing Import data from GPS or Total Stations
Very accurate Use when CAD files are available Obsolete , not supported. Verify topographic data
Use when CAD files are not available Layer import eliminates line tracing Measure “as-built” quantities
No need to print plans E-mailed or downloaded from plan rooms. Built in CAD viewer does not require separate CAD software Import from any brand data collector
Lines are selected (vector) or individually traced (raster)automatically InSite features true CAD import, not CAD “line tracing”  
Very portable- No digitizer! Very portable – No digitizer!  

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