InSite SiteWork -Entering Grades

*A PDF file will be used for this walk-through take-off from InSite SiteWork. After the PDF tour, CAD and GPS import is shown.

One Click contour Tracing

Image (PDF, TIF, JPG), CAD or Data Collector ImportStart the take-off.  Set up a Job and select an image file from the thumbnail display. CAD, PDF and Data Collector files can all be imported.

Check the Scale.  The scale information on an image file can often be wrong, so InSite SiteWork guides you through a process of checking the scale.  Two points are selected and the distance is entered.  InSite calculates the true scale.

PDF TakeoffTwo windows are better than one.  InSite's Duplex Display technology allows the area to be traced to be zoomed tightly while still maintaining a view of the overall site. 

PDF TakeoffEnter the Existing Grades.  Grade information can consist of spot elevations, contours, and sloping lines.  InSite's Total Site Triangulation creates surfaces, which are used to generate the Cut & Fill volumes. 

Choose 1. Digitize Contour on the menu.  Type in the elevation, click OK and trace the grade.

Line Selection for Vector (First Generation) PDFs. InSite SiteWork converts Vector based PDF's to linework that can be selected. It even converts dashed existing lines into selectable objects.

InSite equals fast take-off!

Automatic Line Tracing for Raster PDF, JPG and TIF (Scanned plans).   Lines can be automatically traced by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the line.  The automatic line tracker will follow the line.  Repeat for each grade.

InSite SiteWork can handle contours, spot elevations, and break lines. 

Add the Proposed Grades.  Proposed grades are entered the same way as Existing. The grades are entered from beginning to end without breaking up each subgrade area.  Use the offset tool to model curbs, swales, retaining walls and other site features.

Trace the Grades The final step is to enter the Site Boundary.  This line assures that proposed will daylight to Existing, and limits the calculation. 

TIN Modeling - The Standard for Accuracy InSite SiteWork uses triangulation for surface generation. It is simply the most accurate method available for surface generation, and gives the most accurate site representation and therefore the most accurate site work quantities. To learn more about Triangulation, click here.

Once the Existing and Proposed surfaces are entered, the Soil Boring Data can be entered.

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