Field General® - Overview

Curb Offsets made easy!

Field General combined with InSite SiteWork allows point data to be prepared for layout with traditional data collectors and positioning equipment (traditional two person total station, robotic total station or GPS).  Fine Tune machine control models and export them to any brand of machine control system.

A complete demonstration is available on our Demo CD.  The website tour is an overview of how Field General works.

Staking files made easy.  Offset Staking of curbs, buildings, roads, etc. is easy.  Just pick points from the CAD File.  Indicate the offset distance and how often you want a stake. Dual offset the centerline of a road, get intermediate stake elevations between known elevated points, print a scaled plan with the layout points, and much more.

Measure Work in Progress.  Need to verify work done to date?  Shoot the site, and import as an alternate set of proposed grades.  Instantly InSite calculates your site numbers.  To calculate the next phase, just copy proposed to existing, import the next shot, and InSite calculates the new quantity.  Print cross sections, 3-D's and cut & fill maps to show the actual excavation progress.

GPS Machine Control ModelingExport to Machine Control.  InSite’s Field General Office exports surface models to products like Caterpillar Accugrade, Leica PowerGrade 3D systems, Topcon's 3DMC2 and Trimble's Grade Control System Machine control systems.

The triangulated surface file from Field General  is loaded into an on-board machine (dozer, grader, etc.) control.  The GPS unit supplies the X and Y (northing and easting) coordinates, and the triangulated surface provides the target elevation data.  The on-board readout shows the desired grade and raises or lowers the blade for stake-less grading.

Build and see your model with 3D Live.  Making an accurate model is easy with Field General Office.  See your 3-D automatically updated while you make edits with 3-D Live!

3-D Live Site Model

Create Grading Surfaces for BIM Modeling  

3-D Live Site Model


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