Field General® - Creating Staking Files

Data CollectorCreating staking data is easy with Field General.  Use the data from the CAD file to prepare points for critical Staking like curbs and buildings.  The data is saved in an industry standard format, and can be downloaded to any data collector for use with conventional survey equipment.

Building Corners.  To lay out a building, open a CAD file with Field General.  Next choose the Export Points Icon and enter a filename.  Select which layer the elevation data is to come from.  Remember that the CAD file and the 3D surfaces from the take-off are available.  For the building, choose CAD and click Accept.  Click the Building Corners, and enter the Finished Floor Elevation for the Building.  A comment for each point can be added, and each point is added to the file list.

Stake the Building Corners

Offset toolboxAdd the Offsets.  Of course, during construction, these points need to be offset.  Continue the file preparation by adding offset points to the file.  To do this, click the Offset icon. Since the building corners have already been recorded, reselect them from the list, and then hit the enter key.

The OFFSET Toolbox is displayed.  Enter in the offset value.  This building will be offset 10 foot outside its perimeter, with the corners offset.

Click OK and the points are added to the file.  The screen capture below shows the offset points with the point numbers.  The next step is to download the points file to the data collector.  You can also print a scaled plan with the point locations and numbers for reference during stake-out.

Building offsetsEasy to Use.  Field General is designed to be simple to use.   Instead of learning a CAD based design program, just to generate layout points and models, Field General allows immediate productivity by easy icon and menu driven tools.

Curb Stake-out.  To calculate points for a curb stake-out, start a new file.  Save offset points by clicking on the offset Icon, and clicking a point on the curb line.

Curb staking

Curb StakingEnter in the elevations along the curb that are given, and select intermediate points on the curb to calculate elevations for.  Field General® will put a CALC in the elevation box for these undefined points.

Continue around the length of the curb and press the enter key and the offset toolbox pops up.  We set the offset distance at 2 feet, and let Field General generate a staking value every 10 feet.

curb OffsetThe offset points and the elevations that Field General calculated are added to the staking list.

Additional Features.  Field General also makes it easy to:

  • Calculate distance between points
  • Perform individual contour layout
  • Dual Offset road Centerlines
  • Create a stake-out grid
  • Create a 3D model for real-time staking

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