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InSite's reports are easy to read, and provide complete numbers on all aspects of the site.  All reports can be exported to spreadsheet format and many estimating (bidding) systems.  Here's a brief overview of the reports:

Cut Fill Report Includes:

  • Bank Yardage.  Each total reflects the material volume in its natural state.  Fill Obtained on Site is the bank yardage of on-site material used as fill.  Materials marked as unsuitable in the worksheet will not be included in this number.
  • Compacted.  The Fill Required and Replacement Topsoil Required are the amounts of compacted material required on site.  The amount available from stripping and cut are the bank volumes adjusted by the shrinkage.
  • Fill Obtained on Site is the compacted amount of material that can be used on site (specified on the worksheet).
  • Replacement Topsoil Obtained on Site is derived from the worksheet.
  • Expanded.  These quantities are the amount on site adjusted by the expansion percent. Use these for hauling requirements.
  • Import Fill.  Import fill is the amount of fill required to make the site balance.
  • Total Export.  Total Export would be listed for Jobs with an excess of material, or when material is specified as unsuitable in the Section Worksheet.
  • Cut Quantity by Strata lists the stripping and cut quantity by strata.
  • Shrinkage and Expansion are the totals entered in borings of the worksheet.  A Summary report is available with the combined totals.

Accurate Reports

Subgrade Report Totals Include:

  • Subgrade Name identifying each Subgrade.
  • Subgrade Type and Value.
  • Fill Required to bring the area up to Subgrade level, before any subgrade materials are added.  It is easy to see the structural fill requirements for features like parking lots and building pads.
  • Cut Amount within the Subgrade area, with a breakdown by strata if borings were entered.
  • Balance Change per Ft.  Theoretical amount the site balance would change by moving the area of the subgrade up or down.  This is for reference only.  The Dynamic Site Balancer should be used for true site balancing.
  • Area of the subgrade.  Other overlapping subgrades are automatically removed.
  • Material Amounts.  Volume of materials entered in subgrades.  Here the material volumes for the driveway are listed.  A summary list of all materials is listed at the end of the Subgrade Report.

Accurate Reports

Other Reports include:

  • The Stripping report, with individual stripping totals for multiple strip areas.
  • The Area, Length, Item Count report.

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