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Stripping and Demolition.  The Stripping feature is used for topsoil stripping, unsuitable soil removal, or demolition.  You can trace the perimeter of the area to be stripped, and indicate how far to strip (for example, 8"). 

Strip Topsoil or Use for Demolition

Strip to StrataStrip to Strata.  If boring data has been entered, a strata to be removed can be used as the stripping method. The stripping will be calculated to the strata surface indicated by the boring information. With good soil boring data, this is much better than averaging.

In the example above, the overall site was stripped of topsoil (green), and the building footprint (blue) was stripped to the bottom of the clay (top of rock).

If there are no borings, choose depth, and enter a Stripping Value (like 8"). 

Strip to StrataIf a paved area or building pad needs to be demolished, identify the area, enter the overall demolition thickness, and itemize the individual materials.

Regardless of the method, InSite will quantify stripping and demolition, and all cut and fill numbers will be from the new stripping surface.

Next, adjustments for new site features (Subgrades) are added.

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