InSite SiteWork - Quick Stack Subgrades

Adjust for Subgrade.  Use the Quick-Stack™ Subgrades feature to trace site features like parking lots, building pads, topsoil replacement areas, etc.

Add Paving and Building Footprints, etc.


Quick Stack™ Subgrades.  Estimators who have switched from other programs are often amazed at how much faster take-off can be done with InSite SiteWork.  One reason is because of the Quick Stack Subgrade feature.  Follow along and watch how easy it is to enter this complex site.

Add the Topsoil Respread Requirement.  First, copy the site boundary.  On this site, it is the topsoil replacement footprint.  It could also be traced.  Notice that the footprint of the buildings, parking lots and sidewalks are included.  These will be "cut out" later.

Copy the Bounday for Topsoil Respread

For Subgrade Type, 3.Repl Top (Replacement Topsoil) with a value of .33 (4 inches).  Cut and Fill will be calculated to a depth 4 inches below the proposed grade, and the Topsoil replacement volume will automatically be calculated.

Topsoil respread

Enter the Paving Footprint by tracing its perimeter.  The Topsoil respread area (green) is immediately reduced by the paving footprint.

Copy the Bounday for Topsoil Respread

This is entered as Subgrade Type of Depth.  The Subgrade Value is entered as 1.5 feet (the total thickness of the paving materials).  Material take-off can be done simultaneously by entering the Descriptions and Thickness for each Subgrade Material.

Enter the Paving Details



Enter the Buildings and other features. Each building pad, topsoil island, underground retention, sidewalk, etc. are added using the same techniques.

Subgrades entered as an Elevation will ignore the proposed surface in this footprint, and calculate to a flat pad of the specified elevation.  You can optionally enter any subgrade materials.  

No "doughnut holes" or complicated line work required! In the animation below, watch as the elevation is changed 3-D Live automatically updates the subgrade surface to show the adjustment.

Entering Subgrades

Enter the elevation of the structure.

A few More Things about Subgrades. 

  1. The Topsoil Replacement traced first now includes only the green areas.  The buildings and paving are automatically subtracted from this footprint.  No Double Tracing Required!
  2. Revisions are easy! Since the proposed grades are independent of the subgrade areas, if the grades change, just change the grades.  If the subgrade footprints change, just draw the new subgrade.
  3. There is a No-Work Subgrade that can be used for Existing Structures, a grove of trees, etc. Just trace the perimeter, choose No-Work as the Subgrade Type, and the traced area is excluded from all earthwork calculations.
  4. The Quick-Stack feature of InSite SiteWork works the same in CAD import.

Next, take a look at the graphic results.

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