InSite SiteWork and Field General Release History

InSite Version 13.5 December 2017

  • Subgrade entry by selecting grades. Often a curb line (either TOC or VOC) define a portion of perimeter for paving. During Subgrade entry, offset lines can be Ctrl-clicked to select a TOC or BOC, saving considerable time and increasing efficiency. 
  • Improved Menus.  Modeless menus allow the take-off to be zoomed and panned while the entry screen for spot elevations, contours, subgrades and other features to be entered are displayed. 
  • Updated Network License manager.  

InSite Version 13.3  December 2016

  • Windows Remote Desktop support. Run InSite from remote locations on lower powered computers.
  • New Manual and Help Videos. The same training materials used in our NEW online classes are now included.
  • Update Sizable File Manager
  • Improved Memory Management. InSite SiteWork will still take advantage of dedicated graphic memory, but will now run stably on significantly less powerful systems.

 Version 13.0  January 2015

  • Alignment Rectangle can be modified (expand, contract, rotate) at any time.
  •  GPS Data Tracking from smartphones and other consumer GPS devices. Tracks and place marks can be displayed, animated and analyzed (time, distance, # of rounds) on the InSite SiteWork graphic window.
  • Simplified Scale Correction
  •  Field General Office Added Features:   Rover simulation for model verification  ·  BIM export functionality with many new export options · Point List Manipulation (vertical and horizontal offsetting, subset selection, etc.) from a list to a different or new list.  

InSite  Version 12.0  January 2013

  • Windows 8 Support.

InSite Version 11.5  October 2012

  • AutoCadd 2013 .dwg file support
  • Improvements in Vector PDF algorithms.

InSite Version 11.0  December 2011

Vector based line selection for 1st Generation PDF files. Includes view management including layer management and vector/image/node. See video below.

  • Image File alignment tracking database.

InSite Version 10.0  4th quarter 2010

3D Live for takeoff. Advanced real-time 3D capability has been added to InSite SiteWork with TIN based 3D rendering. Operator and Aerial flyovers of the jobsite are included. 3D surfaces are updated live during creation and editing of existing, proposed and subgrade surface.

Field General Version 10.0 Enhancements 4th quarter 2010

  • Enhanced Road Profile tool. Combine a horizontal alignment with a vertical profile to make road model building easier than ever.

InSite Version 9.0 Released October, 2009

  • Support for Windows 7

InSite SiteWork Version 8.0 released March , 2009

Image Take-Off from PDF, TIF, JPG files.

  • Video Help.  Tutorial Videos of features like offsets, snaps, etc. help you get the most out of InSite SiteWork

InSite SiteWork Version 7.0 released May , 2007

  • Windows Vista support
  • AutoCAD release 2007 file support

InSite SiteWork Version 6.2 released February, 2007

  • Multi-Select.  Enhanced contour editing allows multiple contours to be selected.  The selected contours can be deleted, all set to the same elevation, a constant can be added or subtracted to the selection, or assign the first selected contour an elevation and incrementally add a constant to each successive contour.
  • Break Contours
  • Split/Select tool - after selecting the tool, trace an area and all crossing contours are split and selected for multi-edit.
  • Cut & fill shading schemes - options for additional shading schemes with a choice of solid or patterned colors.
  • Checkpoints save the current status of the screen. In the case of an error, you can "undo" to the latest checkpoint.
  • Offset tool enhancements.  

InSite SiteWork Version 6.1.58 released March, 2006

  • Windows Update Compatibility

InSite SiteWork Version 6.1 released December, 2005

  • Auto Pan - while digitizing in a zoomed window, the display pans to follow the cursors position (like the CAD import tool)
  • Zoom Previous (CAD an InSite 3D) Click Icon to revert to previous zoom or pan position. Unlimited steps backwards.
  • Zoom and Pan 3D
  • Faster calculation of edited Subgrades
  • Daylight offset using a specified slope.
  • AutoCAD 04,05,06 DWG file support.
  • Automatic Scale Checker when merging paper plans and CAD files.
  • CAD Statistical Extents - CAD files with bad extents zoom to the distribution of data in the file.
  • Set Scale in printout of CAD files.

V6.1 Field General Enhancements

  • Selected points in points list show on screen and print.
  • Resizable FG Thumbnail Screen.  The thumbnail window can be up to 40% as large as the main window.   Set in Options.
  • CAD 2 point alignment from points. Use points from the points list for alignment (in addition to CAD nodes).
  • Topcon, Trimble, Leica Machine control surface export improvements.  Export surface model in LandXML format.

InSite SiteWork Version 6.0 released September, 2004

  • Click to Edit - Mouse click on contours, spot elevations and sloping lines to see elevation value and to edit or delete.
  • Sloping Lines by Snap - Connect any two nodes with a sloping line with just a click. Use this feature to increase accuracy of take-off and improve the model.
  • Sloping Lines by Specified Slope
  • Offset Lines - Generate an offset line from any set of selected contours, spot shots or sloping lines. Vertical offsets and dual offsets are supported.
  • Offset to Daylight - The Offset feature also supports daylight offset using a specified slope.
  • Improved Subgrade CAD import. - Entities that are ctrl-clicked are automatically connected in the proper direction even if they are actually drawn in reverse in the CAD file.
  • 3D View Option - 3D view now allows a choice between displaying only within the Site Boundary or not.
  • Consistent Mouse Interface - To use the system mouse for drawing, hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard. This replaces the Mouse icon on the toolbar. Note that the SHIFT key is required to locate a Cross-Section.
  • Printable Color Manual in PDF Format on Help menu. Access this from Help/User Manual.

InSite SiteWork Version 5.1 released October , 2002

  • Copy Site Boundary to a Strip or Subgrade Area - Frequently the footprint of the topsoil stripping and the topsoil replacement subgrade are the same. Just click 6. Copy Site Boundary from the Stripping or Subgrade menu, and you are prompted for the Subgrade or Stripping number to use. After entering the number, just enter the stripping or subgrade values.
  • English/Metric Convertible Reports - Want the results of a Metric Take-off in English (Imperial) units? Want the results of a English Take-off in Metric? Just Click 2.Convert at the top of any report, and toggle to the desired units.
  • Mouse Drawing enabled in all Earthwork Features - Ever want to add a feature but your digitizer is not handy or you don’t have the plans anymore? Click the mouse Icon available in any Enter Map Earthwork mode, and use your mouse to “eyeball” in changes.
  • Export Reports - Export any of InSite SiteWork Reports into your spreadsheet, Word Processor, or Windows bidding program. Choose Export from the top of the report, and save to a file, and then import from your application. Here’s a Cut&Fill report imported into Microsoft Excel™
  • Save Area Cut & Fill Screens - Save the results of your Area Cut & Fill reports. Great for Job phasing!
  • On-Line Manual - Can’t find your manual? Look it up on-screen! Need to print a new copy? An Adobe .PDF is included on the distribution CD.
  • CAD Import Feature additions - Converts Lines to Polylines / Edit the Layer Colors / Explode All Blocks / Explode Single Instance Blocks / Import Borings / Rotated Text / Options to stitch segmented Lines into a single Polyline / Ellipse and Spline Support.
  • USB key Support - Need to move your hardware key from machine to machine? No Parallel Port on your laptop? The USB Key replaces the parallel port key.

InSite SiteWork Version 5.0 released April, 2001

  • Support for Windows XP
  • Paperless CAD Take-off - This release features a new CAD file reader and display tool that has advanced capabilities for importing CAD files into InSite. It is possible to import Existing, Proposed, Subgrades Stripping and Soil borings from CAD.
  • FieldLink™ Upgrade - In the CAD import tool, you can export an ASCII file containing actual elevations from the CAD file with precise X/Y (Northing/Easting) coordinates with the option of any InSite grid elevations.
  • Real World Coordinates - When you have imported into InSite from CAD, InSite automatically uses the real world coordinates for all coordinate output such as exporting spot elevations (Fieldlink) and labeling plan view and cross section prints.

InSite SiteWork Version 4.4 released September, 2000

  • Support for Windows Millennium, Windows NT, Windows 2000
  • In addition to Windows 95B and Windows 98
  • Full Windows Total Site Triangulation
  • 32 bit Triangulation is not affected by crowded, crossed or duplicated contours. Triangulation is also available on the Display menu.
  • Unlimited points
  • For Existing and Proposed surfaces.
  • Individual Feature Scaling
  • You can have a different map scale for each Enter Map feature and each feature scale can be modified at any time.
  • Increased Capacities
  • Unlimited number of Site Boundaries per Section. Increased points per Site Boundary from 100 to 1000.
  • Increased points per Subgrade area from 300 to 1000. Increased Borings per Section from 100 to 300.
  • Improved DXF Import
  • Accepts up to AutoCAD 2000 format files. Accepts complete drawing i.e. select objects not required. Accepts splined or curve fit polylines, and points. DXF import accepts unlimited number of points.

InSite SiteWork Version 4.2 released March, 2000

  • Terrain Link Trenches for Windows
  • Terrain Link Trenches provide accurate trench excavation and backfill based on changing trench depths, using either earthwork contours from your site takeoffs or directly from digitized profiles.
  • Optional Cut & Fill Colors
  • Cut & Fill color shading and 3-D color shading can be changed.
  • InSite SiteWork Version 4.0 released July, 1999
  • 32-Bit Windows Version for Windows 95 and 98.
  • A complete rewrite of InSite SiteWork for 32 bit Windows (95 or 98).
  • Improved Digitizer Interface
  • InSite SiteWork has always taken advantage of the extra accuracy provided by a 16 button cursor. The Windows version goes one step further, by making menus selectable by numbers on the 16 button cursor. This allows estimators to stay focused on the plan, while providing accurate menu selections. Menus can also be selected by mouse or keyboard.
  • Outstanding Graphics New 32 bit color graphic engines designed specifically for Windows give estimators the best quality printed materials available for presentation. Support for full size plotters is included.
  • One Screen Simplicity The individual digitizing screens featured in previous versions have been eliminated. The feature being traced is selected from the familiar “Enter Map” menu, but any or all feature previously traced can be viewed while the new feature is entered.

InSite SiteWork Version 3.6 released June , 1997

  • New 32 bit 3-D Graphics. Improved graphics for presentation and Site verification.
  • 32-bit Widows Plan View Printing supports all Windows 95 compatible printers. Full scale plan view allows overprinting of Cut & Fill Depth, or elevations of any surface.
  • Terrain-Link Total Station Interface: Export user selectable random points of Existing, Proposed or Subgrade, Stripping, or any Strata Depth. Export a grid of points at user selectable intervals for both Northing & Easting.

InSite SiteWork Version 3.5 released August, 1996

  • Total Site Triangulation (TST) InSite SiteWork uses triangulation exclusively for generating the surfaces. Individual Spot Elevations, Sloping Lines, and Contours, or any combination can be entered to define the site.
  • FieldLink for Total Data Collectors Allows survey data brought in from Total Station Data Collectors. Practical applications include verifying existing contours, designing undeveloped sites, measuring job progress, verifying as-built quantities, etc.
  • Sloping Lines Auto-Fill Feature Helpful for entering a radius when only a few elevations are given along a curved path (i.e., curb, retention wall, swale, ditch, etc.).
  • Daylight Site Boundary Use this feature to “tie” Proposed to Existing. This assures complete calculation of cut & fills around the perimeter of the site by automatically placing a sloping line equal to Existing at the traced boundary into the proposed file.

InSite SiteWork Version 3.2 released February 15, 1995

  • CAD Import Import Existing or Proposed Elevations from DXF (CAD data Exchange format)) files.
  • Water Table  Feature allows water depths to be entered with regular borings, or as a separate set of borings. Cross sections and pipe profiles show the water location.
  • Cut & Fill Worksheet Allows each material to be designated suitable as fill or exported. The Materials from Cut & Stripping are shown and the amount of each material suitable for fill can be specified. The specified materials are reflected in the site totals on Section Report. Job balance is automatically adjusted.
  • Profiles in Earthwork Profiles through a series of points can be drawn and printed to scale.

 InSite SiteWork Version 3.0 released October 1993

  • Scalable Plan View Graphics High-resolution color plan view printouts printable to any scale. InSite SiteWork will print as many pages as are necessary to tile together a plan at any scale. The print shows cut & fill shading, Existing and Proposed contours, and Subgrade outlines. You can print stakeout elevations of Existing or Proposed grade, their difference, or depths to any stratum. Support for Inkjet printers, Dot Matrix and Plotters is included.
  • Scalable Cross Sections Color Profiles and Cross Sections can now be printed with multiple plots per page, at your printers resolution, at any scale! Support includes Inkjet printers, Plotters, Laser and Dot Matrix Printers.
  • Dynamic Site Balancer InSite’s Dynamic Site Balancer let’s you adjust any area after your take-off is done. Just trace the area you wish to raise or lower. Set the adjustments limits for the traced area, or any Subgrade, and InSite will calculate the required grade change to achieve the target balance.
  • Job Summary Reports Job summary reports total the individual Sections (each Plan is a Section). The reports have also been rewritten to be easier to understand.
  • Job Copying Utility Easily manage alternates and staging. Copy Existing, Proposed, Borings, Strip Areas, Subgrades, Pipes, TDS’s to another Job or Section, or Copy Existing to Proposed or Proposed to Existing. This feature also allows you to combine maps of different scale.
  • Automatic Topsoil Replacement A new Subgrade type, specifically for Topsoil Replacement Areas, tracks topsoil usage and includes values on the Section Report.
  • Rock-Alert for Excavation Visualize the location of troublesome and costly strata you will encounter during excavation. Select rock or any other strata layer.
  • Cut Brackets from Plan View  When you Profile & Calculate your pipe take-off, InSite shows you the depths of trench from plan view, with cut bracket depths you enter.

InSite SiteWork Version 2.5 released August 1992

  • Itemize Materials in Subgrades. InSite will automatically give you the area of the Subgrade, and the quantity of materials required. InSite’s new Subgrade and Stripping Report also gives you the amount of Cut & Fill under each Subgrade.
  • Area Cut & Fill  Want to know the amount of Cut & Fill in any area of your Site? Just trace the perimeter of the area or areas you want, and let InSite calculate the amount of Cut & Fill.