Installation Instructions- Hardware Key

! Perform this installation between 8:30am-4:30pm EST M-F. Installation questions cannot be answered outside these hours.

Read Before You Install

  • You can install this release over a previous version or as a new installation on a separate computer using these instructions.
  • If you are installing as an update over an existing version 11.0.xx or lower you should first, make note of the user’s current default InSite data folder. Installation may reset the data folder to Public\Documents in order to install the sample data there. When InSite SiteWork is run for the first time after that you will have to reset the default folder back to the user’s default folder.
    • NOTE: New InSite SiteWork and Field General installations and some updates may require an activation code from InSite Software. Activation codes are issued between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern (US) only. Do not download the software outside these business hours.


  1. First, remove the InSite SiteWork USB Sentinel Pro hardware key and other Safe-Net or Rainbow USB key.
  2. Plug in the InSite SiteWork USB flash drive or double-click the downloaded setup.exe file and wait for the installer to begin.
  3. Follow the prompts, accepting the defaults, including complete installation.
  4. Put the InSite SiteWork Sentinel Pro hardware key into a USB port and start InSite SiteWork.
  5. Call Customer service (877.746.7483) between 8:30 am & 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri for your Activation Code (CD key) if prompted after installation.
  6. The Training data is located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\InSiteTutorial

After You Install the Software

  • Jobs from previous releases will be automatically converted to a new data format and will not be compatible with previous versions.
  • Change Pixel Resolution. From the PDF take-off screen, choose Graphics / Memory Management and change Maximum Pixels to 80.

Installation support is available M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm ET. Call 1-877-746-7483. After these hours submit a support ticket. You will be contacted on the next business day.

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