GPS Modeling

Field General Office allows contractors to create 3-D machine control site models easily, allowing the maximum return on investment.

How it works

Create an accurate 3-D GPS machine control model

Export to CAT, Komatsu, Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble.

Topcon GPS Machine Control
photo courtesy of TopCon

Import contours and spot elevations from a CAD or vector PDF file

Or use the proposed surface from InSite SiteWork estimate.

Import Curb Line Using Field General Office

Enter Vertical Curves

Select the centerline and enter the PVC (BVC), PVI, PVT (EVC). Field General Office creates elevations at user defined stations.

Use snap, offset and slope to daylight tools

Modify the 3-D surface. Create break lines for road center-lines, curbing and swales.

Validate the surface with 3-D Live™

3D-Live Animation to Verify Elevations

Changes are shown instantly.

Export the file


John Deere Grader

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