Utility Take-Off

Key features include the ability to easily create sanitary and storm calculations including user defined cut brackets for the linear feet required for pipe excavation and backfill. Excavation quantities are listed by strata, and RockAlert™ indicates the location of troublesome strata.

InSite SiteWork Advantages

Sewer Cover on Job Site

Sanitary and storm calculations

InSite’s Terrain Link™ Trench take-off uses the site take-off surfaces to create accurate quantities.

Cut brackets

Cut Brackets list the linear feet of pipe installation falling between user defined depths (Example 206’ between a depth of 2-4’, 183’ between a depth of 4-6’, 111’ between a depth of 6-8’).

Excavation quantities are listed by strata

RockAlert™ indicates the location of troublesome strata

InSite SiteWork Rock Alert When Calculating Utility Runs

How It Works

Create Typical Ditch Cross Sections (TDS’s)

Describe the excavation shape (including OSHA maximum vertical side height and layback slope), pipe dimensions, and top and bottom backfill thickness.

Typical Ditch Section

  • Locate the structures and connecting pipes.
  • Add the structure details and pipe inverts and assign a TDS to each pipe run. Laterals can be entered with an invert and slope percent.


A depth schematic at user defined cut brackets is created during calculation

Insite’s RockAlert™ feature is used to give an indication of a specific strata.

See the profiles

Profiles show all the structures, connected pipes, and underground strata layers and can be printed at scale.

Cross Section of Completed Utility Run

Generate reports

Calculations include:

  • Total Excavation by strata for take-offs with borings.
  • Cut Brackets lists the linear feet of excavation in a depth range set by the estimator.
  • Backfill Materials for both pipe and structures.
  • Pipe Lengths by size.
  • Structure Heights.

Structure and Pipes Details Report

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Utility Excavation Report

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