New Customer Onboarding

Comprehensive Onboarding Training for New InSite Customers

This premium onboarding class is scheduled with your InSite salesperson and is designed to get estimators producing accurate take-offs quickly and efficiently.

What makes the session premium? During this screen sharing session, the instructor demonstrates real-world take off examples which the student views on their monitor. The student then mimics the exercise. The instructor can see the student’s progress, guaranteeing success without the travel expenses.

Lessons Include

  • File Management. Organize your files for maximum efficiency.
  • Take-off view management.
  • 3-D Live™. Learn to zoom and pan the surface 3-Ds and drive the job site.
  • New job set up and the importance of proper scaling.
  • Entering existing and proposed grades from raster and vector PDF files.
  • Adding curb offsets to the proposed surface.
  • Site boundary requirements and importance.

Skill Level



1-1.5 hours

Training for one student included with initial InSite SiteWork purchase

Strongly suggested for new InSite Software users
This is a premium equivalent of the Earthwork 1A

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