Premium Online Instructor-Led Training

Get live, interactive, personalized training with one of our expert trainers without leaving the office.


Our premium online training course is designed to get students producing accurate estimates in the least amount of time.

What makes the class premium? During class, the instructor demonstrates each example, which the student views on their second monitor. Each student then mimics the exercise. The instructor can see each student’s machine and give individual help if necessary, simulating a classroom environment without the travel expenses.

Premium online training is also an excellent choice for new employees or as a refresher course for current personnel. InSite SiteWork must be installed, configured, and activated NO LATER THAN 3 PM Eastern Time, TWO business days before training by an authorized InSite technician. Failure to complete this set-up will forfeit the class.

Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom

Strongly suggested for new InSite Software users

This is a premium equivalent of the Earthwork 1A and 1B webinars in an instructor-led, hands-on class.

Course Details

Requirements for Online Classes

  1. Reliable Internet access. If your connection is lost during training, you will be able to re-connect.
  2. Hardware requirements. A computer that meets the InSite SiteWork hardware requirements running two monitors (the additional monitor hosts the training session) and a video card with the required dedicated video memory.
  3. Audio Connection. A computer headset with headphones & built-in microphone is best. This is a nice model, available from Staples. A telephone with a headset for hands free operation can also be used but ties up a phone line for the duration of the class. Please Note: Students who use a speakerphone or audio played through the computer speakers will be muted due to feedback. Interaction with the instructor will be through typed messages using a chat app.
  4. Windows Management and Snap. Prior knowledge on how to use the Windows Management and Snap feature. Watch this 4-minute Windows YouTube training video to learn how.
  5. Knowledge of sitework. Each class is designed to make the student a faster and more accurate estimator. This class does not teach estimating concepts.
  6. Privacy during the class. Please, no groups “taking turns” with the software. Training is for ONE student.

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