Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom

This premium class is REQUIRED for all new software users for 30-day money back guarantee eligibility. Designed for Beginners.

This premium equivalent of the Earthwork 1A and 1B webinars is an instructor-led, hands-on class that follows a site-work take-off job from setup to completion. This class is strongly suggested for brand new users to InSite Software. Upon completion, students will be able to perform PDF earthwork take-offs on most commercial projects.

Lessons include

  • File Management. Organize your files for maximum efficiency.
  • Take-off view management.
  • 3-D Live™. Learn to zoom and pan the surface 3-Ds and drive the jobsite.
  • New job set up and the importance of proper scaling.
  • Entering existing and proposed grades from raster and vector PDF files.
  • Entering soil borings to get cut quantities by strata.
  • Adding curb offsets to the proposed surface.
  • Site boundary requirements and importance.
  • Strip area types, topsoil removal and demolition.
  • Quick-Stack Subgrades™ and entry of paving, buildings and topsoil replacement.
  • Basic earthwork report reading.

Skill Level



5-5.5 hours

Exercise Files

A full color lesson guide is provided as well as the class files

Fee: $995.00.

Training for one student included with initial InSite SiteWork purchase.

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