CAD, Drone & Field Data Import and Site Balancer

Prerequisite: Earthwork 1A & 1B or Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom

What you’ll learn

  • CAD file basics and layer management.
  • Elevating 2-D CAD files by editing contours.
  • Contour import and connecting dashed contours.
  • Borings, Stripping and Subgrade regions from CAD files.
  • Aligning PDF files to CAD take-off.
  • Job copying utility. Make whole or partial copies of jobs for editing or staging.
  • Data collector and drone file composition and importing for site verification and as-built calculations
  • Exporting points from take-offs and CAD files for layout.
  • Value engineer job sites and reduce import or export with the Dynamic Site Balancerâ„¢.


Earthwork 1A & Earthwork 1B or Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom

Skill Level



2 hours


$200 or equivalent training code

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