Earthwork 2

This seminar style class is for InSite SiteWork estimators who have taken Earthwork 1A & 1B, Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom or who are proficient doing single page PDF vector or raster earthwork take-offs.

What you’ll learn

  • Adding shrinkage and expansion for material compaction and hauling swell.
  • Verifying an earthwork take-off and common errors.
  • Preparing reports and images for presentation.
  • Understanding earthwork reports in detail.
  • Multi-page PDF alignment for projects with features (ex. existing, proposed) on different plan sheets or spread across multiple plans with match lines.
  • Advanced contour editing. Tricks to save time.
  • Improving Triangulation using offset, snap and slope to daylight. This is the first step to understanding GPS machine control modeling.
  • Road take-off from plan and profile. Combine an existing road surface, centerline profile and a road template into a complete take-off.


Earthwork 1A & Earthwork 1B or Earthwork 1 Virtual Classroom

Skill Level



Approximately 2 hours


$200 or equivalent training code

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