V. Ballard Consulting delivers accurate bidding quantities & enhances client confidence

Picture of Vanessa Ballard of V Ballard ConsultingV. Ballard Consulting LLC is a civil engineering design and construction cost-estimating firm located in Suffolk, Virginia. The company serves general, grading, and utility contractors and developers.

When President Vanessa Ballard started her business, she used competing software at a previous job but instead chose InSite Elevation Pro for its ease of use and accurate earthwork bid quantities. Says Ballard, “InSite saves me a lot of time, money, and resources.”

Efficiency equals saving time. Elevation Pro lets users easily import PDF, CAD, Drone, and files from any data collector. A coordinated cursor across all open workspaces, including 3Ds, confirms the data and makes combining plans with different scales easy. “I value the ability to import CAD files and align to the PDFs easily. This streamlines the data input process, enabling me to meet tight bidding deadlines.”

Validation of the numbers is critical, which is why Vanessa relies on Elevation Pro’s detailed reports and 3D images. “The biggest cost of construction besides the building is earthwork. I especially love including the cut and fil contour and subgrade maps in the reports,” says Ballard. “For example, the cut and fill map help my clients determine where and when they would need to bring in their trucks. Visualizing the site model in 3D installs confidence in the estimated quantities.”

Ease of Use. “Elevation Pro is very easy to use and to learn,” says Ballard. “I absolutely love it, and my team loves it, too.”

Elevation Pro is a complete sitework and GPS machine control modeling solution.

The original article was published in the May 2024 issue of Construction Business Owner 

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