Our approach is hands-on, led by industry professionals who guarantee results. Classes are held monthly and are designed for novice and advanced users to perform faster and more accurate takeoffs. Learn more about our training offerings by exploring the online webinar and course options below.

Instructor-Led Webinar Training

Seminar style classes for new users unfamiliar with InSite SiteWork who need to become accurate and productive during take-offs, and for others who want to become more proficient.

Comprehensive Onboarding Training for New InSite Customers

This premium onboarding class is scheduled with your InSite salesperson and is designed to get estimators producing accurate take-offs quickly and efficiently.

Ask InSite Webinars

These skill-builder webinars are designed to help estimators perform take-offs faster and with more accuracy on more challenging sites.

Classroom Training

Classroom training at InSite Software gives you the opportunity to interact with both the instructor and other students, away from the distractions of your normal work day.

What Our Students are Saying

I have never used the program before but now feel confident in basic knowledge of InSite after the training.

Mike, Design/Build construction manager

For me the class does what it needs to do. You need to use the program to gain a true understanding and the class gets you started in that direction.

Daniel, Excavating contractor

It was great. Now I feel I can do my own takeoffs.

Heather, General contractor

Tara was outstanding. She had the patience needed to make sure everyone in the class grasped each topic before moving on to the next chapter.

Chris, Excavating contractor

I love being able to receive virtual training. It would be great if every work related training was like this.

Adam, Excavating contractor

I feel the class was put together very well. I felt it flowed smoothly and there did not seem to be any odd transitions from topic to topic.

Daniel, General contractor

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