Weekly Live Online Training

Who Should Take Training

  • New employees who need to get up to speed quickly
  • Users who need in-depth training on new or existing features
  • Anyone who needs a refresher


All classes are 1 hour long and run from 1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern Time

Elevation 101

This is a beginners class which covers Lessons 1-12 and follows the PDF manual found in the Help menu of the software. You will learn best practices when it comes to managing workspaces, starting a new job, alignment, and digitizing.

Lesson 1. Getting Started
Lesson 2. File Management
Lesson 3. Zoom and Layers
Lesson 4. Managing Workspaces
Lesson 5. 3-D Live
Lesson 6. New Job Setup
Lesson 7. Basic PDF Alignment
Lesson 8. Entering Grades
Lesson 9. Site Boundary
Lesson 10. Point Spacing
Lesson 11. Sloping Lines and Offsets
Lesson 12. Stripping and Demolition

Elevation 102

This class is a continuation of Elevation 101 and covers lessons 13-21. You will learn how to correctly stack strip areas and subgrades, read reports, place borings, and use advanced tools.

Lesson 13. Quick – Stack Subgrades
Lesson 14. Shrinkage & Expansion
Lesson 15. Verification
Lesson 16. Earthwork Reports
Lesson 17. Advanced PDF Alignment
Lesson 18. Soil Borings
Lesson 19. Viewing Cross Sections
Lesson 20. Areas, Length & Item Count
Lesson 21: Intersect, Offset, and Multi-Select

How To Register

Register through the Help menu of the software. Classes are open to all Elevation Pro uses.

Elevation Pro Help Menu Training

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