I Build America

It was good to see so many of you at ConExpo 2017. It is always a great opportunity to meet many of our customers face to face, often for the very first time, and for some, to celebrate 25+ years of working together

We don’t get much time at the show to visit other vendors, but one presentation we enjoyed was the I BUILD AMERICA booth.

We talked to Mike Rydin from HCSS, who founded IBA, about the need to promote and develop careers in the construction industry.

“I Build America (IBA) is a movement dedicated to showing the importance of construction to our modern life so that the people in construction take pride in the value they bring, the general public recognizes that value, and young people learn what a purposeful and rewarding career in construction can be.”

“Our ultimate goal is that young people will see construction as the wonderful career that it is so more of them will want to be a part of it.”

We think this is a great recruitment tool, since we often hear stories of how frustrating it can be trying to find good employees in this industry. This movement is a great step towards generating pride and respect for the construction industry.

For more information about I Build America visit their Website.

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