How to Calculate Area, Length & Item Count

Elevation Pro’s exclusive area, length, and item count tool provides faster takeoffs, increases accuracy, and makes results easy to prove and share.

Key features include:

Instant report updates ensure that any changes or adjustments are immediately reflected in the project documentation. This real-time update capability eliminates the risk of discrepancies and ensures all team members work from the latest information.

Paving takeoffs across multiple documents with matched lines streamlines the takeoff process and enhances consistency and accuracy across project documents.

Export to Excel and most bidding applications, making it easy to integrate Elevation Pro’s precise calculations into your existing workflows.

One of Elevation Pro’s most exciting capabilities is its support for sending KMZ files to any GPS-equipped mobile device. This feature allows for real-time location-based data to be easily accessible on the job site, ensuring that measurements and plans are always accurate and up to date.

Watch our video to discover how effortless it is to utilize Elevation Pro for your takeoffs and send KMZ files to your mobile device for enhanced, on-the-go project management. With Elevation Pro, achieving faster, more accurate takeoffs and improving project outcomes has never been easier!

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