NEW Production Cut and Fill Contours

Cut/fill analysis is an essential aspect of site development and construction projects. InSite Elevation Pro introduces Cut & Fill contours which takes site analysis to levels beyond the staking grids provided by legacy earthwork software applications.

Advantages include:

  • Precise trend analysis and site understanding. By presenting the cut/fill information in the form of contours, adjustable to user defined intervals, trends across the site, including significant cut or fill, soil erosion risks, and other critical factors can easily be identified.
  • More Data with Less Labels. The contour interval can easily be counted from the closest labeled contour. This helps prevent obscuring the original site documents like a dense legacy grid.
  • Control over Interval and Data Density. Setting the contour interval provides visualization for passes across the jobsite critical to operations done in lifts (compacting, etc.).
  • Use Contours for Region Definition. As an example, select a cut contour with one click to define a Stripping region when the desire is to strip only the cut areas.
  • No Legend Required. When zooming on exported PDF and CAD shared files, no legend is required to see precise cut and fill levels. This becomes even more critical on portable devices like phones and tablets.
  • Walk (or drive) the site and see running cut and fill. Export the Cut & Fill contours overlayed over site documents to KMZ. Share the file with anyone with a GPS equipped tablet or phone running Google Earth. Walk (or drive) the site in real-time and gain a dynamic understanding of the cut/fill distribution.

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