Freedom from Hardware Security Keys


For thirty years, InSite SiteWork has used various forms of hardware keys (aka Dongle, Sentinel or Hasp key). Hardware keys protect both InSite and you, our customers, against the unauthorized use of the software. This insures ongoing development of new features and continued technical support and training.

Unfortunately, keys get lost, broken or stolen and require a computer port (currently USB). They also require you remember to physically take them to the new computer.


InSite SiteWork 2019.2 is a Cloud Activation model which does not require a hardware key. This model provides all the best features of a hardware key without the key itself. Advantages of a cloud activation system includes no liability for a lost or stolen key but maintains the ability to install and use InSite on multiple machines and even allows off-line use.

It’s Happening Now!

Personally, the staff at InSite Software Inc. can attest to the convenience of not having a hardware key. We spend a lot of time carrying laptops back and forth from home, work, trade shows, customers job sites, etc. and having one less thing to worry about (and physically connect) is liberating.

Editors Note: Cloud activation became increasingly important during the COVID-19 Pandemic, allowing employees to remotely share their license. 

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