Do I Need to Install Updates? YES, You Do!

Update Available Elevation Pro

Why you need to update as soon as you see a software update notification from InSite

  1. The most current version is the only supported version. If you have a problem and call our tech support department, and are not running the most recent version available, you will be first instructed to load it. This may be an interruption of your progress at the worst time. In some cases, you may need your IT department to help, causing additional delays. That is why we recommend you do not ignore the new release notifications and load ASAP.
  2. Software updates keep things running smooth. Software updates offer plenty of benefits. Revisions may include fixing or removing software bugs, compatibility with PDF/CAD/Machine control files and compatibility with Windows updates.
  3. You deserve our best. Updates can also add productive new features and improve existing ones. Your software program may get a new shot of stability. Or an update might boost program performance/speed. You deserve no less.
  4. It helps all of us. Our energy is focused on keeping InSite customers productive while we work towards finalizing the first release of InSite Elevation Pro. Getting ahead of problems by loading the latest version will save you and us time so we can stay focused on the next big thing.
  5. The Bottom Line. These updates are seamless and will not alter your workflow or jobs you are currently working on.
  6. What if I need help from my company’s IT department? Nobody understands the importance of updates more than your IT personnel. Inform them immediately when you see an update notification.
  7. What if I need InSite’s help? Installation help is available to subscription and perpetual customers with current maintenance contracts M-F, 8 am-5 pm ET at 877-746-7483

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