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InSite SiteWork Software for earthwork takeoffs and construction estimating calculates cut and fill, stripping, strata quantities, paving and concrete materials, topsoil re-spread, areas, lengths, trench excavation, and backfill. Create GPS models and generate construction staking data.

InSite Software has been a fantastic tool for me. It takes the guesswork out on bidding and has saved me so much time on estimating a project- Plank LLC

Watch the 10-minute video below to get an overview of InSite Software. For a more in-depth overview keep on reading.

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The tour below is organized into a set of topics that provide a complete overview of Insite SiteWork.

InSite Software Screen Shot 3D Live and Subgrade Outline


Totally Portable

With no digitizer, take-offs can be done on a laptop anywhere.

Man Runing InSite SiteWork on Laptop in Bed of Truck

Save on Plan Costs

No need to print or purchase plans.

No Tracing

Select lines and contours on PDFs. Import entire layers with CAD files. One user wrote “I am selecting existing grades right now and I would say 10 times faster is conservative. “

Align Multi-Page Documents

Multi-sheet PDFs (subdivisions, office parks, schools, water treatment, etc.) can be merged into one large take-off.

InSite SiteWork Multi-Sheet PDF Support

Dynamic Site Balancer™

Value engineer sites with ease.

Cut Quantities by Strata

Just add boring log depth and location.

Fast Topsoil Stripping or Demolition Adjustments

Indicate the stripping or demo thickness or remove to a strata layer.

Fill Requirements by Region

InSite automatically lists the fill required for each subgrade footprint (paving areas, buildings, topsoil areas, etc.).

Subgrade Cut & Fill Report
InSite SiteWork Subgrade Cut & Fill Report
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Material Take-off

Concrete, asphalt, sub-base, etc.

Subgrade Materials Report

InSite SiteWork Subgrade Materials Report

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Topsoil Replacement

Select the entire jobsite and InSite automatically subtracts the structural and paved areas.

Terrain-Link™ Trenches

Accurate excavation and backfill quantities based on changing ditch depths using earthwork surfaces from the site take-off.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

Vector (PDF, DWG, DXF, etc.), image files (PDF, TIF, etc.), or data imported from a data collector or any combination.

3D-Live with Dual Monitor

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