CAD Import

InSite SiteWork's built-in CAD viewer provides import of existing and proposed grades and other site features on even the largest projects in seconds.

InSite SiteWork Advantages

CAD Import Module with 3D-Live

Import in seconds

Import existing and proposed grades on even the largest projects in seconds.

Built in CAD viewer

No need to purchase an expensive CAD program.

Easy to use

No prior knowledge of CAD required.

Merge data from multiple sources

Combine CAD and PDF take-off.

Automatic site alignment

Data exported with FieldLink™ or optional Field General™ Office are output with the CAD coordinates.

How It Works

Click on the CAD Import Icon

Open the CAD file to import.

Investigate the layers

Click on individual features (contour, building, etc.) to discover layer names.

Import existing

Unselect all layers and turn on the layers containing existing contours. Choose the Import Icon to import the grades.

Import Animation of Existing Contours from CAD with 3D-Live

Verify the surface with 3-D Live™

Repeat the procedure for proposed grades.

2-D files can be elevated.

Watch the progress

As each feature is imported, the thumbnail in the lower left of the screen is updated.

Enter the building subgrades

InSite’s QuickStack™ Subgrades offer a tremendous advantage in taming complex sites. Continuous entities in CAD files (like these building footprint) can be selected with one click.

Trace complex shapes in seconds

To take-off more complicated shapes like the paving perimeter or the islands, InSite SiteWork has special commands that allow arcs and lines to be selected quickly, allowing the fastest possible take-off.

Perimeter Selection using CAD Import Module

Easy additions

Add soil borings, a site boundary and any stripping or demolition.

Calculate cut and fill

Completed CAD Import using InSite SiteWork


3D-Live Model after CAD Import


From CAD file to a complete take-off with just a few easy steps without the complexities of a CAD program!


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