Easily Add Boring Data To Quantify Cut and Fill Calculations

In the complex world of construction and excavation, accurately estimating cut and fill calculations by strata is crucial for project success. 

Elevation Pro allows users to input detailed soil boring data, generating cut and fill calculations across different strata layers. By understanding the specific characteristics of each strata layer, teams can optimize their excavation strategy, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently.

Identifying Unsuitable Materials

One of Elevation Pro’s standout features is its ability to use strata surfaces to indicate areas containing unsuitable materials. This allows project teams to plan for the removal of these materials before they become costly and time-consuming issues. 

Water Tables

Water Table depths help identify wet areas, preparing teams for potential water management challenges during excavation.


ROCKALERT allows users to directly identify any strata encountered during excavation in the plan view. This innovative tool is particularly useful for recognizing rock formations that may require blasting. With ROCKALERT™, calculations for blasting and excavation become significantly more straightforward, allowing for more accurate bidding and planning.

Watch the video to see how Elevation Pro empowers teams to make informed decisions. 

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