Release History

The release history for the InSite SiteWork & Field General software products provides information on feature releases and updates.

InSite SiteWork and Field General Release History

Version 2019.2 June 2019

SiteWork 2019.2 features all the updates in version 2019.1 plus 2 new features to simplify your workflow:

  • Cloud activation to get you up and running as fast as possible and share InSite across multiple computers.
  • GPS/BIM Model export which was previously only available in Field General Office. Export files to Topcon, Trimble, CAT Accugrade, Leica, Komatsu and all other machine control systems.

For a complete overview of 2019.2 click here.

Version 2019.1 April 2019


  • Quickly export to Excel, PDF and email
  • Easily cut & paste cell data into your bidding systems (Bid2Win, HCSS, Construction Link, etc)


  • Crisp and clear high resolution PDF’s
  • Steady performance on even lower powered computers


  • Large projects like subdivisions with multiple subgrades, are calculated in seconds!


  • Drones are becoming more common in pre-construction planning. Easily import and export data gathered with all modern drones units.

Version 2019.0 November 2018

  • Fast Subgrade Calculations. New algorithm calculates large projects with multiple subgrades instantly.
  • New modern report designs. New easier to read layout, save to PDF, XLS and other popular formats. Email reports and cut and paste data into spreadsheets and bidding systems. Find out more about the new reports.
  • Real-time notifications. Instant notification and download of software updates, announcements of training opportunities, new features, and relevant news.
  • Support for Drone Data. Easily import and export data gathered with all modern drones units.

Version 13.6 May 2018

  • AutoCAD 2018 file support.

Version 13.5 December 2017

  • Subgrade entry by selecting grades. Often a curb line (either TOC or BOC) define a portion of perimeter for paving. During Subgrade entry, offset lines can be Ctrl-clicked to select a TOC or BOC, saving considerable time and increasing efficiency.
  • Improved menus. Modeless menus allow the take-off to be zoomed and panned while the entry screen for spot elevations, contours, subgrades and other features to be entered are displayed.
  • Updated network license manager.

Version 13.3 December 2016

  • Windows Remote Desktop support. Run InSite from remote locations on lower powered computers.
  • New manual and help videos. The same training materials used in our NEW online classes are now included.
  • Update sizable file manager
  • Improved memory management. InSite SiteWork will still take advantage of dedicated graphic memory, but will now run stably on significantly less powerful systems.

 Version 13.0 January 2015

  • Resizable alignment rectangle. (expand, contract, rotate)
  • Simplified scale correction.
  • Field General Office added features: Rover simulation for model verification. Increased BIM export functionality with many new export options. Point List Manipulation (vertical and horizontal offsetting, subset selection, etc.) from a list to a different or new list.

Version 12.0 January 2013

  • Windows 8 support.

Version 11.5 October 2012

  • AutoCAD 2013 .dwg file support
  • Improvements in vector PDF algorithms.

Version 11.0 December 2011

  • Vector based line selection for 1st generation PDF files. Includes view management including layer management and vector/image/node. Instead of tracing contours, assign and elevation and select the contour. Snap to linework when entering buildings, parking lots, vaults, etc.
  • Align PDF pages once and the image file alignment is recorded in the tracking database. Flip form page to page without realigning.

Version 10.0 November 2010

  • 3D Live for takeoff. Advanced real-time 3D capability has been added to InSite SiteWork with TIN based 3D rendering. Operator and aerial flyovers of the jobsite are included. 3D surfaces are updated live during creation and editing of existing, proposed and subgrade surface.
  • Field General enhancements. Enhanced Road Profile tool. Combine a horizontal alignment with a vertical profile to make road model building easier than ever.

Version 9.0 October 2009

  • Windows 7 Support

Version 8.0 March 2009

  • Image take-off directly from PDF, TIF, JPG files with no need for digitizing tablets. Save time and work anywhere.
  • Video help. Tutorial videos of features like offsets, snaps, etc. help you get the most out of InSite SiteWork

Version 7.0 May 2007

Version 6.2 February 2007

Version 6.1 December 2005

Version 6.0 September 2004

Version 5.1 October 2002

Version 5.0 April 2001

Version 4.2 March 2000

Version 3.6 June 1997

Version 3.5 August 1996

Version 3.2 February 1995

Version 3.0 October 1993

Version 2.5 August 1992

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