Entering Grades

Earthwork grading takeoffs start with entering existing and proposed grades from PDF or CAD files.

How It Works

PDF Take-offs

Start a PDF take-off by selecting an image file from the thumbnail display. CAD import is shown at the end of this page.

CAD file with contours and 3D Live view

Easily verify scale

Check the scale by selecting two points of a known distance.

Enter the existing grades

Simple menus are easy to follow. Grade information can consist of spot elevations, contours, and break lines.

GIF animation how to enter existing grades Elevation Pro


3-D Live™

Watch 3-D Live™ draw the triangulated surface in real time. Learn more about triangulation.

Add the proposed grades

Use the offset tool to model curbs, swales, retaining walls and other site features.

Proposed grades using InSite Elevation Pro


CAD files offer the advantage of having elevations assigned to the grade information. Watch the simple workflow of moving the grades into the takeoff.

GIF animation entering grades using a CAD file InSite Elevation Pro

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