Roads, Ponds, Canals

InSite SiteWork’s offset, slope-to-daylight and line snap tools allow estimators to turn incomplete data into a good surface/take-off and create intermediate surfaces for over-digs, sediment traps, and wastewater treatment tank installations.

InSite SiteWork Advantages

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Image Courtesy of Leica Geosystems.

Bid from plans that are less than complete

InSite’s offset, slope to daylight and line snap tools allow estimators to take primitive data and turn it into a good surface/take-off.

Complex intermediate surfaces

Create intermediate surfaces for complex over-digs, sediment traps, wastewater treatment tank installs, etc.

How It Works

Example 1

Watch this pond creation video to see how easy it is to go from concept to design.

Example 2

The Sub-division Road Example demonstrates InSite SiteWork’s capabilities in dealing with incomplete plans.

  • Enter the existing elevations.
  • Add the centerline elevations from the profile to the plan view at the stations.
  • Use the Offset Tool to enter the centerline, snapping to elevations, and letting InSite compute the elevations between at user selected intervals.
  • Offset the centerline. Use the Offset tool and select the centerline. Enter the lane width and slope and indicate a dual offset. Two elevated lines at the edge of pavement are created.
  • Add curb and gutter, drainage ditches, etc. using the same techniques if necessary.
  • Slope to daylight. Use the Daylight Offset tool to tie the edge of the road to the existing surface at a specified slope.
  • The above illustration shows a portion of the road zoomed up with the tie-in to existing created by daylight offsetting both the left and right shoulders of the road.

3D-Live of Curb and Gutter using InSite SiteWork

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