Elevation Pro Helps Civil Works Garner Loyal and Repeat Customers

Customer Profile – Civil Works

Jeff Pitzer from Civil Works LLC is a successful earthwork estimator for hire based out of Charlotte, NC. Most of his work focuses on residential, highway, industrial sites, and shopping complexes.

Before founding Civil Works LLC, Jeff had the opportunity to learn and use several earthwork takeoff systems. When he started Civil Works LLC, Jeff chose InSite’s Elevation Pro for its ease of use, value for the money, and outstanding customer service.

Ease-of-Use: Jeff needed to learn Elevation Pro quickly. After attending a one-hour comprehensive training class, Jeff was quickly running the software with confidence. Within two projects, he cut his takeoff time in half, empowering him to take on more bids and boosting his bottom line.

Value for the Money: The features Jeff values the most are the ability to read CAD files and vector PDFs, toggle layers on and off, and live 3D views. “The ability to see the plans in 3D helps me avoid costly mistakes,” says Pitzer.

His customers value the reports he can generate with InSite Elevation Pro, such cut and fill, subgrade, stripping, and area and length. “My customers love these reports, and I have garnered loyalty and repeat customers.”

Customer Service: “Your team is great,” says Pitzer. “They are patient when I have questions and point me to resources in the manual for future reference.”

When asked if he would recommend Elevation Pro, Pitzer replied, “Elevation Pro is worth the investment. It is easy to learn, easy to run, and delivers accurate takeoffs.”



Jeff Pitzer from Civil Works sitting in front of two monitors running Elevation Pro

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