Entering Grades

Special features include multi-monitor display support with coordinated cursors, exclusive 3-D live updates, line selection of contours for vector PDFs and Total Site Triangulation™ which provides the most accurate method for surface generation.

InSite SiteWork Advantages

3D-Live with Dual Monitors

Three windows with coordinated cursors

A zoomed image makes even the smallest detail easy to see while the overall allows a view of the entire site.

Insite’s exclusive 3-D Live™

Real time 3-D updates each time data is entered or edited.

Line selection for vector PDFs

Quickly select contours (even dashed existing) with one click. No tracing!

Total Site Triangulation™

Simply the most accurate method available for surface generation. Learn more about triangulation.

How It Works

PDF Take-offs

Start a PDF take-off (CAD import shown later) by selecting an image file from the thumbnail display.

Easily verify scale

Check the scale by selecting two points of a known distance.

Enter the existing grades

Simple menus are easy to follow. Grade information can consist of spot elevations, contours, and break lines.

Entering Grades animation

3-D Live™

Watch 3-D Live™ draw the triangulated surface in real time.

Add the proposed grades

Use the offset tool to model curbs, swales, retaining walls and other site features.

Proposed Grades Using InSite SiteWork

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