Stripping & Demolition

InSite Elevation Pro provides powerful stripping and demolition tools. Quantify initial topsoil removal, demolition of existing paving, building pads, etc. and unsuitable material shown in the boring logs.

How It Works

Select a strip/demo region.

Selecting a strip region using InSite Elevation Pro Software


Enter the Stripping Area Properties Type as Depth (example A) for regions where the material is removed evenly below grade like this demolition and optionally itemize the materials (paving, concrete, sub-base, etc.).

When Boring data is available, set the Stripping Area Properties to Strip to Strata (example B) when an unsuitable stratum needs to be removed.

Stripping area properties using Elevation Pro software

Elevation Pro quantifies the stripping and demolition! All cut and fill numbers will be from the new stripping surface.

Schedule a Live Demo

For a Private Demonstration call us at 877.746.7483 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST) or Schedule Online.

Schedule a Live Demo
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