Stripping & Demolition

InSite Elevation software provides powerful stripping and demolition tools. Quantify initial topsoil removal, demolition of existing paving, building pads, etc. and unsuitable material shown in the boring logs.

InSite Elevation Advantages

Topsoil removal

Quickly calculate initial topsoil removal to stockpile.

Stripping and demolition Earthmoving Equipment

Image courtesy of Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.


Quantify removal of existing paving, building pads, etc.

Strip to strata

Easily quantify unsuitable material (more accurate that averaging) shown in the boring logs.

How It Works

  • Trace the strip/demo region.
  • Enter the stripping or demolition depth for regions where material is removed evenly below grade or when boring data doesn’t exist.
  • Identify topsoil or demolition materials (paving, concrete, sub-base, etc.).
  • Strip to strata for regions where an unsuitable strata is to be removed.

  • InSite quantifies the stripping and demolition! All cut and fill numbers will be from the new stripping surface.

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