InSite SiteWork offers a complete set of easy to understand reports that can be exported to spreadsheets, PDF files and most bid applications.

InSite SiteWork Advantages

Reports screen shot

Complete and easy to understand reports

Confidently bid and prove your results.

Export to spreadsheet, PDF and most bid applications.

Metric/Imperial conversion

Available Reports

Cut & Fill Worksheet

Specify suitability and limit re-use of materials stripping and cut.

Site Cut & Fill Report

Quantities list bank (undisturbed), compacted (reused as fill) and expanded (loose haul).

Stripping Total

Total materials removed from any stripping and demolition. Individual totals on the Stripping Report (not shown).

Cut Total

Each total reflects the material volume in its natural state. Fill obtained on site is the bank yardage of on-site material used as fill. Materials marked as unsuitable in the worksheet will not be included in this number.

Fill Required

Amount of fill required after stripping to bring the site to subgrade for the whole site.

Topsoil Replacement Required

Fill Obtained on Site. Amount of suitable material specified on the worksheet available for fill.

Topsoil Replacement Obtained on Site

Import Topsoil Replacement

If no material from stripping is specified suitable for topsoil re-spread, the import amount is shown here.

Subgrade Fill

Volume of fill material needed to bring the site to subgrade.

Export Stripping and Fill

Cut and/or stripping in excess or marked unsuitable.

Total Export

Tally of above.

Tools for curbing applications

Subgrade Report Totals

Name, Subgrade Type

(Depth, Topsoil Replacement, Elevation, No-Work) and Value.

Fill Required

Each subgrade lists the fill requirement to bring the site from the bottom of stripping to subgrade. Distinguish structural fill requirements (paving, building pads, etc.) from non-structural regions (topsoil areas).

Cut within the Subgrade area

A breakdown by strata if borings were entered.

Subgrade Area

Square feet or square meter area of each subgrade.

Material Take-off

Asphalt, Concrete, Sub-base, etc.

Additional Reports

Stripping and Demolition Report

Lists individual stripping and demolition quantities.

Area, Length, Item Count

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