KMZ Export

InSite Elevation Pro exports KMZ files to third-party mapping applications like Google Earth, Map Plus, and other geo-browsers with up-to-the-minute job site data.

How It Works

Original PDF or CAD file data can be overlaid with cut and fill contours, subgrades, stripping regions, or area/length take-off before export.

This information can be used on a desktop app in the office to verify proper location and planning. However, the real value comes from a GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet. Standing at a stake-less job site proclaiming, “I think the structure is about here,” is a thing of the past.


Man on jobsite holding a mobile device

Share Your Location

With InSite Elevation Pro, send the aligned KMZ file to your mobile device. As you walk on the job site, your location is pinpointed on any of the original site plans with cut and fill contours displayed. Walk right to the location of a structure, building corner, driveway, etc. and share the information in real-time.

The KMZ file can be shared with anyone you are collaborating with; GCs, subcontractors, engineers, inspectors, and suppliers.

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