Eliminating Earthwork Takeoff and Grade Control Headaches

What would a 40% reduction in earthwork take-off time do for your contracting company?

More projects? More profit? More productivity? More speed?

Our CEO, Steve Warfle, had an in-depth chat with Charles Rathmann of IRONPROS about InSite Elevation Pro, which automates earthworks takeoff from PDF or CAD files, drone data or other sources. InSite Elevation Pro extends value into the work-in-progress phase by creating outputs to support staking or modeling files required by GPS machine control solutions from Trimble, Topcon, CAT, Accugrade, Leica, Komatsu and others. Final outputs can also include grading surfaces for BIM modeling.
The software product is broadly applicable where 3D grading is done, but may drive the most immediate value for smaller contractors, at least in the initial phases of a project lifecycle according to Warfle.

“If I was actually trying to put my finger on that, I think the biggest thing with the smaller contractors is that they are growing,” Warfle said “It’s time to keep in mind an estimator in this industry is going to be one of your top people at your company. They have to know everything you’re capable of doing know how to price jobs. So if they’re not the owner, they’re right up there, especially in the small to medium sized companies. They’re pressed for time, so if we can actually come to them and say hey, you know, we can cut your time over a manual takeoff by over 10 times. And if they’re using a competitor’s application, we can cut it at least in half, then the other component of it is, is …”


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