The Fifth Truth About Business

According to Becky Schultz, editor of Equipment Today and Rental magazines, we are living in an age of technological revolution.

Becky Schultz Editor at Equipment TodayIn the April 2016 issue of Equipment Today, Shultz wrote an excellent and insightful op-ed called, “5 Truths That Will Impact Your Business.” that is still highly relevant today. The complete article can be read here .

The Five Truths 
1. Technology adoption is essential to success.
2. Equipment is becoming increasingly complex.
3. Jobsites will become more mechanized.
4. Efficient data management is crucial.
5. Education and training are musts to stay in the game.

The management and technical staff of InSite Software, Inc. couldn’t agree more. What caught our attention was the fifth truth on Schultz’s list: Education and training are musts to remain viable. Clearly, having good technology is important but knowing how to run it is equally as important. Knowledge and skills gained through training are critical.

Recently, an InSite SiteWork customer said that they “just didn’t have time for training.” That’s understandable. Certainly, like all construction industry site planning and development companies, they are in the in the midst of spring job startups and all the stresses that brings.

What the customer-and all others of like thinking-need to understand is that time invested in training can yield immediate time dividends. Knowing how to do something right the first time saves on wasted time, expensive mistakes, and frustration-in other words, diminished productivity. Proper training directly helps to maximize the investment in technology.

With that truism in mind, InSite SiteWork has created a comprehensive and easy to use online videos designed to take estimators from knowing nothing about InSite SiteWork to becoming a power user. Because the content is online, there is no expensive travel, nor the time demands getting to and from a classroom. Everyone from the newbie to current InSite SiteWork users wanting to improve their skills are encouraged to see the list of classes by selecting Help/Video Help from the InSite SiteWork Menu.

Getting the proper training on a powerful software tool that can save time, improve results, and increase productivity is not something that can be ignored or pushed aside for another day.

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